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1 - The website (hereafter identified as "website") is operated by the private Portuguese company ECO TRAVEL, LTD, with headquarters at Avenida Tomás Cabreira, Edifício Concorde, Loja - 22 in Praia da Rocha, Portimão (Algarve - Portugal), with the following Fiscal Number 503 664 103 and under the same number registered by the Conservatoria do Registo Comercial de Portimão, duly licensed by the General Tourism Board, to operate as a travel agency under the license No. 836/1996.
2 - The use of this website depends on the following TERMS & CONDITIONS. By using it, Your Excellency fully accepts all of its content. Under the circumstance of non acceptance, please do not use our website. The present TERMS & CONDITIONS represent our contractual bond with Your Excellency.
3 - Our website can only be used by adult people and with legal capacity to make purcases or hire the offered services. 

1 - We have the right to remove or stop sales of any product or service announced on the website, with no previous notice. In the event of such removal taking place, we do not hold responsibility for any damage that that might have caused.
2 - Furthermore, we have the right to apply, at any time, changes to the present TERMS & CONDITIONS, presenting them on the website. It will be of your responsibility to regularly read the TERMS & CONDITIONS, in order to ensure that you are duly updated on the matter.
The use of the website following any changes made to present TERMS & CONDITIONS will imply your acceptance of the terms and conditions changed.
3 - We recommend that, Your Excellency prints and keeps a copy of these TERMS & CONDITIONS, as well as of any specific terms and conditions of any product or service description you ordered online. We also recommend printing and keeping copies of contacts made and received by us. Any amendment to any terms and conditions is subject to our written consent or with the entity with whom Your Excellency hired, should that be the case.


Prices and details about products and services (and any offers) placed online are subject to change, with no previous notice. Offers, whatever its type and nature, may also find themselves subject to certain terms and conditions. We may not give any warranties, due to the fact that all products, services and offers are subject to availability.

1 - This website is intended only for commercial (e.g. tour operators, airlines, rental companies, car, hotel companies, etc.) and non-commercial use (personal). Products and services advertised on this website may be provided on a commercial basis, as long as the commercial user clearly identifies these TERMS & CONDITIONS, as we market towards our customers. Thus, by using this website, the commercial user assures that its clients consent on the present TERMS & CONDITIONS (including the client’s personal data. The commercial user, by using the website, consents on using such information according to the present TERMS & CONDITIONS, namely on what concerns our safety and privacy politics).
2 - In case Your Excellency is using any products or services presented on our website for commercial purposes, we have the right to charge an amount, according to our price table. However, we hereby clarify that we do not assume any contractual obligation to notify you of any commercial use.
3 - Any other applications will not be permitted without our prior consent. The following applications are forbidden: (i) to include the information presented on the website in search engines in order to compare prices, (ii) to access the website through a robot, spider or other automated search tool, and ( iii) for massive searches, intending to analyse all purchases accomplished on our website.

The content of this website belongs to us and may not be reproduced or modified for commercial or other purposes without our prior written consent. For the sole purpose of completing a transaction, anybody may copy part of this content, according to the following conditions: (i) the content must not be used for commercial purposes, without our prior written consent, (ii) copies made should keep any copyright or any other intellectual property notices contained in the original material, (iii) products and technology or processes described on this website might be subject to any intellectual property rights reserved by us or any third parties (reason why no license or authorization is assigned regarding intellectual property) and (iv) images and logos on this website cannot be reproduced or copied in any way, without our written consent or from the intellectual property holder, should this be the case.

1 - Although we have taken all necessary steps towards the preparation of the content on the website, the same and the information therein (names, images, photographs, logos and icons) related to us, or to the products and services provided by us (specially those provided by third parties or partners by us selected), are presented and assumed to be available. This doesn’t mean, however, that we are the agents of the same products or services mentioned above, or that we give any guarantee, expressively or implicitly, of any kind, regarding quality, use for specific purposes, obedience to any legal conditions, compatibility, security and viability. With the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, all terms and warranties are excluded. In any case will we find accountable (whether legally or contractually, including negligence or break of any administrative duty) for any damage caused, arising from or related to the indirect or derivative use of this website, including (not, however, excluding it), any emerging damage, ceasing profits, loss of profits, information or any special loss.
2 - We by no means assure that the information contained on the website is accurate, comprehensive, verified and complete and are not responsible for any lack of precision or sufficiency of the information contained in the same or by any person or entity (including any third parties).
3 - We do not assure that the functions or operations available through the website or on it, may be interrupted or free of any mistake, that any anomalies found will be corrected or that this website or the server that allows it to be available is free of viruses, computer bugs or even responsible for full functionality and accuracy of the functions or operations available.
4 - If any of these TERMS & CONDITIONS (or any terms and conditions related to a product or service description) on this website comes to be determined as illegal, invalid or unenforceable due to the legal conditions of any state or country, in which such terms and conditions intend to apply, the above mentioned terms & conditions, on the extent of its illegality, invalidity or unenforceability and only relating to such state or country, shouldn’t be considered in accordance to other legally applicable conditions, which will remain applicable and effective, binding and enforceable.

1 -  We find ourselves committed to protect the privacy of the information that is given to us.
2 - As defined by the Personal Data Protection Law (Law 67/98), we follow the safety procedures required for the archiving and display of information provided to us in order to prevent its unauthorized access. Our safety procedures imply that we may require an identity proof as for any information that might be considered of sensitive nature and that it is intended to be provided. In accordance to what is mentioned above, we reserve the exclusive right to refuse any service or sell any products on this website.
3 - We would like to point out the fact that we can not take responsibility for any flaws, problems, acts, errors or omissions, referring to or resulting on our safety procedures or our IT system suppliers, concerning to personal information provided.
4 - We may use the information given by Your Excellency and provide it to a third party of service or product suppliers hired and/or acquired by you. We may, equally, use such information in order to maintain the contractual relationship with us, thus keeping Your Excellency informed on new offers and promotions that might interest you. Such information will be, furthermore, used for operational and administrative purposes, in order to improve the services hired by Your Excellency, to adapt such services to your preferences, to study the use of such services, to create new ones related to those already existing, to send information, regarding new services, by e-mail or mail, as well as any information concerning technical, operational and commercial product features, by us, currently or in the future, provided. The aim of personal information gathering and processing, may also imply the sending of questionnaires, to which Your Excellency is not obliged to reply.
5 - Your Excellency gives us permission to use the provided personal information, in order to cross it with files belonging to third parties. This will allow us to obtain your profile and help us to offer the most suitable products or services, provided by us or by a third party.
6 - We may use the information given by the website visitors to test their several accesses, the number of visitors registered in each page and section on the website, as well as researches made. We may use that information in the future, as a measurement of access to all the varied links included on the website, namely the advertising ones.
7 - Visitors who subscribe to our services by e-mail or who end up requesting a service or product, might receive, either from us or from a third party (defined by us), special offers, marketing information, promotional e-mailing. 
8 - We may transfer personal information to certain entities by us carefully selected, so that Your Excellency is kept informed about its products or services. If Your Excellency chooses not to be part of our promotional marketing database, you may always contact us to the telephone number mentioned on the website.
9 - We might have to provide your personal information to any official authority, namely police officers, prosecutors, Frontier or Immigration services, if legally required by them or by court order.
10 - Your Excellency may put into practice the right to access, modify or remove your personal data from our database, by sending us a letter to our already mentioned head-office.
11 - This privacy policy may suffer some changes, with no previous notice.

1 - We are committed to ensure that this website is absolutely safe for Your Excellency to hire any of the services or products provided by us, via the Internet.
2 - For the purpose mentioned above, any order or payment by debit or credit card will be automatically encrypted. For that, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) will be used. This technology will prevent unauthorized people to have access to any orders or payments.

3 - The data used to make payments, including those relating to credit cards, are never stored. All information is collected under law statements.
4 - Not excluding the security procedures earlier mentioned, Your Excellency must be informed about the fact that there are some risks associated with the communications via Internet and the use of debit and credit cards online, which we may have no control over.
5 - We expressly decline any responsibility, as far as we are permitted by law, for any loss or delay due to transmissions made via Internet, between the website and Your Excellency.
6 - On what concerns any loss or damage that might eventually happen, we only take responsibility for an amount that in no case exceeds the amount of the services or products purchased.

As for our privacy policy, any telephone calls made to phone numbers identified on the website or e-mail and correspondence exchanged with us to our respective e-mail addresses, may be monitored or recorded. By using the media mentioned above, Your Excellency is giving us permission to proceed with such recording or monitoring.

1 - Should Your Excellency come to order any product or make use of any service presented on the website, the present TERMS & CONDITIONS are to be read along with the specific terms and conditions of that product or service. If there is any contradiction between them both, the specific terms and conditions of each product or service will prevail. For the specific purposes of the present TERMS & CONDITIONS, the terms "product (s)" and "service (s)" do not imply any representation, guarantee or recommendation of its suitability for the intended purpose by the User. None of these TERMS & CONDITIONS will affect any imperatives rights that Your Excellency might have as a consumer, in accordance with applicable laws.
2 - Prices are listed and the services / products are quoted in Euros. All prices include VAT at the statutory rate.

The epigraphs that precede the provisions of these TERMS & CONDITIONS are used for convenience only and have no interpretive nature.

Certain links (hypertext) may send Your Excellency to Internet sites that are not under our or our partners’ control. By activating these links, Your Excellency will abandon our website and, from then on, we won’t have any control. We, therefore, decline any liability regarding any content that may be available on these websites. As we acknowledge the use of hyperlinks to other Internet sites, we don’t mean by that that Your Excellency makes any business or even that we will be able to guarantee any security, directly or indirectly to any person in any country.

1 - Your Excellency can perform orders in our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2 - Before your request is validated, you will be asked to confirm the certainty of the information you provided, as well as your real intention to submit the order form.
3 - As for the moment Your Excellency confirmed the request we have accepted it, the order can not be cancelled, except in cases predicted our CANCELLATION & REFUND policy, as below.
4 - Your order will not be considered accepted and the contract will not be celebrated between us, while Your Excellency will not be notified of our approval by mail or telephone.
5 - We only accept orders made in Portugal and in EU countries that use the EUR and GBP currencies. The use of any other currencies can only be accepted with our prior written consent.

1 - Reservations are due in totality, immediately after the final confirmation. Services/products that have been reserved and confirmed may be paid via credit card, bank transfer or at our headquarters in cash. The payment confirmation must be received by us within 24 hours, otherwise the booking will be cancelled.
2 - We have the right to cancel any reservation made, if payment is not fulfilled, concerning the conditions mentioned above.

1 - Complaints will only be accepted if made in writing and sent by registered mail to our office within a deadline of 15 days after the product / service has been purchased or made by us.
2 - Complaints must follow the applicable European Union guidelines and the regulations valid at the location of the service provider.

1 - Our CANCELLATION & REFUND policies vary according to specific policies included in the product or service description. If a Cancellation Policy is mentioned in the product or service description, the same nullifies the Standard Privacy Policy, presented below. If no Cancellation Policy is mentioned in the descriptions, the Standard Cancellation Policy will be applied.
Standard Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made with more than 56 days, preceding the date of service
- 10% from reservation’s total amount
Cancellations made between 22 and 55 days inclusive, preceding the date of service
- 25% from reservation’s total amount
Cancellations made between 8 and 21 days inclusive, preceding the date of service
- 50% from reservation’s total amount
Cancellations made with 7 days or less preceding the date of service
- 100% from reservation’s total amount
2 - Once the date of the service’s purchase or the product’s acquirement take place,  Your Excellency you will not be entitled to reimbursement for unused services or products. If, for any reason that we or our partners do not know, services or products described and contracted are not fully used; Your Excellency will only be entitled to request a possible refund on your behalf, if there is a difference between the product or services described and the ones supplied by us. 
3 - If there is a valid reason, we may proceed to some sequential changes, regarding route or departure times, or changes on a hotel reservation, replacing it with a hotel of equal value. Such changes are not likely to assure that Your Excellency will be entitled to claim the same or demand any reimbursement for any losses or damages.
4 - If for any imponderable circumstances we conclude that you must cancel a product or service, Your Excellency will only be entitled to be fully repaid, if we have made any payment concerning that product or service.

Client claims that he has full knowledge and will comply with all requirements regarding the documentation (identity card / passport, etc.). And / or visas necessary to the arrival or departure to or from the destination country, as well as for vaccines, medical and hospital care in case of illness. If Your Excellency has any doubts, please contact us before making any purchase.

In accordance to the present TERMS & CONDITIONS, as well as any terms and conditions relating to specific products or services described on the website, the Portuguese law is applicable. In order to solve any disputes or doubts concerning the interpretation or application of such terms and conditions, the court of Portimao - Portugal shall have jurisdiction, with renunciation to any other. 
For more information, please contact us.